//Treatment you Need, Care you Deserve

Treatment you Need, Care you Deserve

May 17th, 2018|Physical Therapy|

Just a reminder when it comes to home health we go above and beyond to give the “Treatment you Need, Care you Deserve”. The mini-shuttles ( pictured below) offer a great portable way to provide a multitude of strengthening exercises for the arms and legs! When you want to try and simulate that outpatient experience at home, East Texas Physical Therapy, PLLC can do just that. ETPT can provide: Ultrasound, TENs (electrical stimulation), anodyne, manual treatment, cupping, various pieces of equipment (like the mini-shuttle below)/ weights and the list goes on. Let your Home Healthcare company know you want ETPT to provide your rehab services. It’s your Choice! 903-335-8727

East Texas Physical Therapy
East Texas Physical Therapy
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