Coronavirus/Covid-19 concerns

Amid the growing Coronavirus/Covid-19 concerns across the state of Texas, ETPT is committed to the safety and welfare of our patients that visit our clinic and that receive care from our therapists in their home. We have implemented heightened precautions per the CDC recommendations, are performing rigorous disinfecting of surfaces and equipment that could come in contact with patients/visitors, and are providing our staff with continuing education to keep them the most informed on how to prevent the spread and identify the virus. At this time, our clinic will remain open with the most stringent protocol to ensure our patients have peace of mind knowing their health is our number one priority. If you have specific questions about certain policies in regard to the Coronavirus efforts that we have in place, our office staff would be happy to help you. We do ask that nonessential visitors refrain from visiting the clinic at this time just out of caution for our patients. Please remember if you are symptomatic (fever, chills, new onset cough, shortness of breath, etc.) contact your physician for an appointment and cancel therapy appointments until you are cleared. Thank you for trusting ETPT with your care, and remember to wash your hands!