“There is often confusion between chiropractic and physical therapy. Chiropractic treatment is a philosophy of health that asserts pain and dysfunction, regardless of where it presents itself, stems from misalignment of the spine; therefore, chiropractic treatment must include manipulation. You may receive other modalities during your treatment with the chiropractor, but the massage, heat and electrotherapy are only adjuncts to the chiropractic manipulation. Physical therapists, by way of contrast, believe that a vast majority of pain and dysfunction results from problems in the soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, etc.). Apart from the philosophical differences, from my experience, the biggest difference between chiropractic and physical therapy is in the effort to guide you to a point when you will become independent of the physical therapist. Especially early in your treatment, I may do treatments to you, but by the time we are nearly done, you will be independent in various movements and practices which will allow you to manage your condition on your own. “What Ails You: Role of physical therapist more complicated than some understand” July 30, 2007 By Jackie Randa Desert Dispatch, California”