What is Kinetisense?

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Kinetisense is the most advanced 3D motion tracking software available today. It allows our physiotherapist and sports therapists to immediately analyze the patients posture, range of motion and functional movements all in real time. We are very excited to be the first clinic in the region to be using this amazing piece of equipment.

At East Texas Physical Therapy we use Kinetisense as a digital based assessment system, the cutting edge technology creates 3D pictures of your ability to move and your posture. This helps us identify problem areas and facilitates tracking progress through your rehabilitation. Reporting is used to help develop plans to improve performance as well as identify any increased risk of injury or pain.

Kinetisense 3D Posture

Kinetisense 3D Posture is a markerless software program designed to analyze and quantify posture. The system automatically locates the joint position, interprets the data, and produces a detailed 3D Posture report. Baseline posture assessments can be done to identify asymmetries and demonstrate the impact clinical treatment has on postural outcomes. This module is an efficient and objective way to analyze the frontal, sagittal, and transverse planes in the body



Kinetisense 3D Concussion is an objective balance assessment tool for concussion management. The system allows users to quantify the biomechanics of balance, before and after a suspected concussion or mTBI (traumatic brain injury) occurs. The baseline screen is a modified version of the Balance Error Scoring System (BESS) test, a postural stability protocol commonly used for concussion monitoring. Kinetisense objectifies the BESS scoring system by applying 3D motion capture and computer learning to produce a balance score.


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