Jessica Pope

Jessica Pope- Intake Coordinator

Hello! My name is Jessica, I am a native of Sulphur Springs, and Hopkins County. I am writing today to let you know a little bit of how everything started. So, let’s backtrack a little bit. I was born at approximately 29 weeks gestational period, weighing in at 2 pounds and 13 ounces. Being that I was a premature baby, there was approximately a 7 1/2 week hospital stay and at birth I had a 50-50 chance of survival. Well, here we are… That just shows you that I am pretty darn stubborn. Around nine months of age, I was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. I not only completed all 12 years of school, but went on to higher education, where I obtained two degrees.
After college graduation, it took me about two years to find and settle into my first “big girl” job, as all during my High School and College Years I continually worked in reception within a family owned business. Once I settled into the job working for a non-profit agency within Sulphur Springs, I worked my heart out for 9.5 years there.
I have always had a passion for people, and am continuing to live out that passion in my work at East Texas Physical Therapy. My ultimate goal, is for people to know; no matter their circumstances, they can and will achieve what they set their mind to. It may look a bit different than any given “normal” scenario, but it can still be accomplished. When I am not working, I really enjoy spending time with family, and friends, just loving on them, and seeing where life takes us. I consider Our Father’s House Church, of Sulphur Springs, as my church family.
I look forward to serving you, and ultimately putting a smile on your face during your time at East Texas Physical Therapy.