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A New Approach on Home Health Physical Therapy Services!

Question: “Why should the patient at home, who can’t get to a facility to reap the benefits that outpatient has to offer, have to go without?”


  • Large Coverage Area
  • Evaluations Completed within 24 hours (sooner if needed or as requested)
  • Includes use of Micro-Fet for strength testing (OBJECTIVE MEASURES)
  • Functional Outcome Assessment (such as OPTIMAL, if requested)
  • Balance testing: (TUG or other Balance assessment)
  • Development of Functional Goals

Care that is not considered ordinary when it comes to Home Health Services.

(Most Contract PT services will provide the basic exercises in sitting, standing, and maybe some walking. If you’re lucky they might have some weights or a bike to put on the floor)


Use of various Treatments/ Modalities as needed:

  • Ultrasound
  • E-Stim (TENS/IFC/High Volt/Russian)
  • Cold Laser (Great for healing and pain control, no discomfort)
  • Taping (Kinesio-Taping and other techniques)
  • Hot/Cold Packs (If within a distance that will allow use)
  • Massage (Portable percussion unit available, as needed)
  • Manual Techniques
  • Lymphedema Certified Therapists
  • Treatment of Balance Disorders/Vertigo (We carry physioballs, foam mats and rollers, BOSU ball, and other pieces of equipment for balance work)

Each patient will receive their own folder with our logo and the home health company’s logo.
(If provided:sticker) The folder will have:

  • Theraband for the patient to keep
  • Sample of BIOFREEZE
  • Printed home exercise program with clear pictures and instructions.
  • Contact information for the supervising PT and PTA.
  • All modalities based on evaluation and patient need. (If we can transport it in our car, and the patient needs it we will try to provide)
  • Timely return of all documents related to patient care (Assessments, Supervisory visits, Daily Notes, etc.)
  • We spend the required time with each patient based on needs. We do not watch the clock. Most visits are over 45 minutes if not longer, depending on tolerance. (If a patient can only tolerate 30 mins, it will be documented)
  • With Medicare rules and guidelines limiting a lot of frequencies to 12/14 visits we know that supporting documentation can be critical. ETPT will provide a detailed letter of medical necessity, if needed, to aid in deeming PT sessions “MEDICALLY NECESSARY
  • Competitive Rates (One flat rate, no price increase for any of the above services)
  • No charge for Mileage
  • Possible transition from home health to outpatient (if patient meets those requirements per Home Health Care Company)
  • We have the only ALTER G ANTI-GRAVITY TREADMILL IN HOPKINS COUNTY! PT.’s with DX’s including: Total Joint Replacements, CVA, Osteoarthritis, Pain, Amputees, Debility, and the list goes on. All can benefit from the ability to exercise without the force of gravity creating stress on the joints. This Treadmill also has a video monitoring system allowing us to analyze gait, etc.

Specific Coverage Area

  • PT- Sulphur Springs, Yantis, Quitman, Mineola, Winnsboro, Mt. Vernon, Mt. Pleasant, Talco, Pittsburg, Dike, Como, Pickton, Emory, Point, Tawakoni, Quinlan, Greenville, Commerce, Rockwall, Royse City, Caddo Mills, Farmersville, McKinney.
  • OT- Sulphur Springs, Mt. Vernon, Clarksville, Caddo Mills, Greenville
  • SLP- Sulphur Springs, Yantis, Emory

We do have therapists that are Lymphedema certified in McKinney, Greenville and Sulphur Springs. (This area will be expanding towards the end of the year.)

Please give East Texas Physical Therapy a chance to serve your patients and give them the quality care they deserve.

“Treatment You Need… Care You Deserve”

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