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Treadmill instantly sheds 80% of your weight

Sound too good to be true? Not if you have an anti-gravity treadmill. The high-tech machine literally “unweights” users, allowing very overweight people to walk or run without pain. The technology started with astronauts, but now it’s making a huge difference in lives across the country. Click on The Future is Now to see video.



The evidence is overwhelming: Too many runners are sidelined in their 50s and 60s by orthopedic woes, from worn-out cartilage to stress fractures.
This article had some good facts I thought I would share.















Check out the Alabama Football team’s video on the AlterG









 A video I picked up on the AlterG website that has some great clips of different people using the AlterG, even some prominent athletes. If you watch the video watch all the way through and check out the Bionic Leg at the end. This is something that we are looking into to see if it would benefit a specific population of our patients. Have a great day!